Important Features of a Good Gun Holster

A good holster should not only make your life easier, but it should also make your life safer. With the type of sport you are involved in, the holster you carry must have the appropriate features to allow for your safety.

The first and most important aspects of a gun holster are the selection of the strap as well as the position of the holster. The strap of the holster should be placed correctly depending on where you want to wear your holster. This is essential so that the gun can be placed in the holster with the slide pointed up and forward.

It is important to ensure that the gun will be in the holster properly so that it is not accidentally moved or released. The back of the belt is another important part of a gun holster. Make sure that the belt fits the gun. You do not want to put it on and take it off and find out the belt is too long.

There should be a comfortable pouch that allows for easy insertion and removal of the gun. The pouch should also be made of either nylon or leather to provide comfort when you wear the holster. It is important that you get one that you feel comfortable wearing because you are likely to be carrying it for a long time.

A holster should be made to fit the gun securely without digging into your clothing or causing any kind of irritation to your skin. The body shape of the gun should also be considered in terms of what shape the holster should be. A double-action revolver holster may not be the best choice for someone who is walking around with their finger off the trigger.


If you have a belt that is supposed to be lined with soft fabric to prevent blisters from hot gun oil, make sure that this is included. Some holsters have no belt lacing. This makes it impossible to tighten the belt around the gun, because the belt does not close properly when in this position.

When choosing a holster, make sure that it is made to fit your body type and has the proper type of pouch. While this might seem like a small detail, it is important if you are carrying a gun to protect the holster. There are holsters that will become saturated with gun oil, if they are not made with leather or some other type of material.

Some people think that having a holster that has good padding, but no proper positioning is better than one that is uncomfortable but makes the gun comfortable. Remember that your ability to draw the gun is important as is being able to easily place the gun in the holster. Take the time to choose a holster that fits your style and makes your life a little bit easier.